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The Women’s Ministry

W.I.N.K.” (Women Walking IN Kingdom Knowledge) gathers on the 2nd Saturday of each month in a fun, relaxed and comfortable setting for sharing insights and ideas regarding varied topics pertinent to womanhood. These meetings provide the perfect opportunity for women to connect, bond, form lasting relationships, and grow in their relationship with God.


Men’s Ministry

The “Men of Valor” meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month for a time of fellowship and learning principles from God’s Word which better enable men to take their proper places in their homes, church, places of business, and the community at large.  We encourage a sense of brotherhood through which men are educated, empowered, evangelized, and emancipated toward taking the next step in their walk with Christ through prayer, bible study, and spiritual guidance.


Couples Ministry

The Couples Ministry strives to strengthen, nurture, and/or restore the covenant of marriage. It empowers married couples (as well as those couples preparing for marriage) through sound biblical and practical teaching which will help to develop deeper friendships and understanding of their spouses.  Ministry leaders manage a variety of fellowships, retreats, dinners, and conference sessions, all which encourage husbands and wives to support God's design for marriages that last.


Single’s Ministry  

This ministry encourages and educates single men and women as they gather for social and spiritual enrichment.  It encourages single men and women to really think about what it takes to live life as a single Christian. In the midst of ungodly world singleness can and should be used to bring glory to our God!


The A. Margaret Jones Overcomers Ministry

Named in honor of our Senior Pastor’s mother – this ministry is for those seeking continued freedom from the bondages of drugs, alcohol, and all other addictive behaviors.  Attendees learn how to rely on Jesus Christ for deliverance from self-destructive mindsets, belief systems, and attitudes.


Children’s Church

“Ministry to children” is what takes place in Children’s Church while regular services are being held.  Leaders are deliberate in their efforts to teach children how to include God in their whole life experience.  Children ages 5-12 are taught the fundamentals of worship, lead into a meaningful, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and guided in nurturing and developing that relationship. (Proverbs 22:6)


Teen Church

Young people ages 13 through 18 attend Teen Church while regular services are being held. This ministry offers biblically based teaching activities with a teen-age flavor and offers attendees the opportunity to grow their relationship with God in an environment conducive to their spiritual development.


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